How to increase discoverability of your enterprise app

So how can enterprises market their mobile apps to boost their discoverability?

Build a strong online presence

You can improve your app’s online presence by showing your app on your website and incorporating it into your other marketing channels. You can even go so far as to create a dedicated website just for your app. The landing page can include a download link, which will directly lead visitors to the app store listing. In addition, the landing page can cover the benefits of your app.

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A/B Test Your App Landing Page Call-To-Action

A/B Test Your App Landing Page Call-To-Action

App download Call-to-action


1) Calls-to-Action
The impact of your call-to-action is dependent on two things: where you place it and how you phrase it. With that being said, let’s first take a look at the importance of where you place it.

Despite what best practices say, putting your call-to-action above the fold is not always the answer. For anyone unfamiliar with what above the fold is, it refers to the portion of your website or landing page that is visible without having to scroll down.

In recent years, studies were released stating that content placed above the fold attracted 80% of a consumer’s attention. Marketers were right to interpret this as a sign to always place their value proposition above the fold. They were wrong, however, to think that meant their call-to-action always had to be there.

The image above illustrates a test where Michael Aagaard of Content Verve yielded a 304% increase in conversions by moving the page’s CTA below the fold. Aagaard speculates that this is the result of a direct correlation between the complexity of a product offering and its location on a landing page.

Always A/B test your App landing page

Your call to action will probably be to download an app. Make sure your users have enough context and understanding so that they know what your app is about and yes will be ready to download your app.


Create a Hype with An App Landing Page

a hype around iPhone salesLaunch day is the most important day in the life of your app. It is great to be able to drive downloads by sending out emails to hundreds of early adopters that signed up to be notified.For this you need a pre launch app landing page. If enough downloads happen on launch day, Apple might pick you up and feature you, or you might even break into a category top 25. That way you can create a hype around your mobile app.


A landing page is essential to help raise the profile and awareness of your app. It gives you a central place to direct users and collect their details before your app goes live. Having the details of hundreds (hopefully thousands) of potential users who are interested in downloading your app can really help boost your chart position on day one.