How to increase discoverability of your enterprise app

So how can enterprises market their mobile apps to boost their discoverability?

Build a strong online presence

You can improve your app’s online presence by showing your app on your website and incorporating it into your other marketing channels. You can even go so far as to create a dedicated website just for your app. The landing page can include a download link, which will directly lead visitors to the app store listing. In addition, the landing page can cover the benefits of your app.

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Create a Hype with An App Landing Page

a hype around iPhone salesLaunch day is the most important day in the life of your app. It is great to be able to drive downloads by sending out emails to hundreds of early adopters that signed up to be notified.For this you need a pre launch app landing page. If enough downloads happen on launch day, Apple might pick you up and feature you, or you might even break into a category top 25. That way you can create a hype around your mobile app.


A landing page is essential to help raise the profile and awareness of your app. It gives you a central place to direct users and collect their details before your app goes live. Having the details of hundreds (hopefully thousands) of potential users who are interested in downloading your app can really help boost your chart position on day one.

Always create a landing page to promote your mobile app

Always create a web site to promote your app, aka app landing page.

Yes, websites are primarily for desktop users. But you’re already adopting the “mobile first” strategy by creating an app in the first place – a website is just a way to draw more attention to it. You need a place to give all-important bloggers, journalists, and other online influencers a place to find you. An app can’t go viral by itself, but a web URL can – it is sharable through blogs, social media, and anywhere else on the web. This also gives users another way to find and communicate with you. Finally, as you add more channels to your marketing mix – a website allows you to have a simple, one-click call to action. This is a much likelier conversion than say, tweeting about your app, hope people immediately pick up their phone, enter the app marketplace, find for your app and (finally!) download it. Ultimately, the user will have to take these steps to download the app either way, but which would you consider more compelling: a tweet with a 140 character limit, or an entire website that intrigues and excites the user about specific benefits of an app?