Top 8 languages to translate mobile app in

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese  and Dutch are the languages you should translate your mobile app in. Spanish,German, French, Italian are the most used languages.
Pangeanic writes:

If you’re looking to develop a mobile application for tablets and phones, and your intention is to go beyond your home market, you need to have a translation strategy in place very early on. Remember that 72% of potential users will not be native English speakers.

Most software users and mobile gamers want to use apps in their own language. This is natural. It means developers need to prepare to translate an app for Android or iPhone at development stage, before they actually start marketing the apps. So, the question is what languages should I target to maximize revenue when I translate an app for Android or iPhone? How can I balance my code with a multilingual interface?

Top 5 Languages for app translation

According to research, the top 5 languages for app translation were:

  • Spanish (60%)
  • German (45%)
  • French (40%)
  • Portuguese (30%)
  • Italian (25%)

And really you should concentrate on Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Dutch if your goal is to monetize. People from those countries are also keen payers for apps. However, according to Forbes, if your goal is to boast your numbers with large download numbers, you should translate into Chinese.


And Tethras writes:

Only two language localizations are required to make your app addressable to over 50% of the non-English (iOS)market. Chinese Simplified and Japanese versions of your app can net you a further 52%.

With Android OS, three language sets are required to get you close to 50% of your remaining market. The addition of Korean, Spanish and Russian will give you approximately 47% extra market cover.